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Customer Testimonials

The Tim Moye Transmissions staff of transmission service & repair technicians and management realize that our auto repair customers are the most valued asset of our auto repair shop. We are always happy to receive testimonials from shop customers and equally happy to share their feedback with you!

The transmission to transfer case adapter twisted in half on my 03 GMC Duramax/Allison because a local mechanic failed to put the lock ring on a U joint he replaced. (A .25 piece) When he replaced the adapter for free, to make things worse, he disassembled the rear of the transmission to look for damage. When he returned it, it didn't shift right and in some cases didn't shift at all into the higher gears. I contacted Sun Coast, who referred me to Tim Moye transmissions. I limped my truck to Tim (top speed 55mph at max rpms on the interstate in third gear for the last 25 miles). They disassembled it to reveal it had been put together wrong and a bearing had dropped into the gears and literally eaten them up. After ordering all the correct replacement parts and some performance parts from Sun Coast, they got it back together and it has worked perfect ever since. Now Tim Moye is the only one that touches my transmissions, even if I do have to drive across the state to them. I have had transmission rebuilt in the past but no one beats the quality and service you get from Tim Moye Transmissions. Their attention to detail is amazing. They are the cut above and the only transmission shop I recommend.
Steven Gaines from Cocoa, Florida
After hearing the word, "Transmission" my heart sunk. Tim Moye Transmission was recommended and I must say, "I am amazed at the level of expertise, honesty and integrity." You have won a loyal customer that cannot praise you enough. When you walk in you're treated with respect and honesty. Not once did I hear the terms, "flat rate, overhead, end of day costs, etc." Tim Moye, Jr., was honest and the price was excellent. They are a rare find!!
Gale Ketchum from Tampa, FL
After being ripped off by a local transmission "expert", my F150 was in bad shape. This "expert" had broken my hydraulic fitting that kept the hose connected to the throw out pack. After paying this guy more than $1000, my truck was on the side of the road, my new clutch was toast. Tim had my truck picked up and he went to work on it. I got it back the following day and was shocked to hear that not only did the "expert" break my fittings, leaving me stranded on the side of the interstate, he never even changed my old clutch. Tim documented the rebuild for me so I would not have a problem getting refunded from the inept EXPERT.... Thanks Tim, you have a customer for life.. JIM
Jim from Tampa, Florida
Tim Moye and crew go the extra mile for their customers. They will listen to your concerns and then tell you what the best course of action is. No pressure tactics or any up-selling silliness like that. I have two vehicles with over 100,000 miles on them. Tim Moye's shop has kept them both shifting like new. On my wife's Toyota RAV4 V6 AWD: upon finishing the latest repair job, they replaced a bunch of broken, plastic, push-pin clips for the bottom belly pan(that the local Toyota dealer oil change "monkeys" ruined previously, and just left it the way it was). If you want a great customer experience and excellent repairs at a reasonable cost, quit surfing the internet and come to Tim Moye Transmissions.
Jim Hyde from Tampa, Florida
Tim Moye, his shop and all of the employees their have been some of the best people I have had the pleasure of dealing with. As anyone knows the words of transmission repair cause extreme anxiety especially in my 34 yr. old car, but I never felt that way with them. Use this shop without any hesitation and you will be very pleased.
Michael Jackson from Land O Lakes, FL
My torque converter was going bad in my Acura and totally failed after another shop had flushed the transmission. I had the car towed to Moye's shop where it was checked out. They told me my 7-year car's transmission was still in warranty and told me to have it towed to the dealer where it was fixed for free. That's an honest business that could have done and charged whatever they thought they could have gotten away with. I'm glad I know them and will gladly recommend them to whomever needs transmission work.
Steve Hemingway from Tampa, FL
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Jim from Tampa, Florida
After being ripped off by a local transmission "expert", my F150 was in bad shape. This "expert" had...
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